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The future belongs to those who have a vision and a desire to achieve their goals! This e-Book cannot promise you any certain future--that is up to you! What I can promise is a legitimate and honest home-based-business opportunity in the real world to make your goals materialize!


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Field Inspector Reps
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... This Information & Training Manual is all you will need

 ...  It has 14 Chapters and 33 pages of inside information
 There are 15 sample 'Forms' to review, study and learn
and, 9 winning sample 'Resumes' to copy

There is NOT another Training Guide available
that is as informative - or as thorough -

"How To Be A Field Service Representative
Information and Training Guide" eBook


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All pages, resumes and forms included in this Information and Training Guide eBook ... can be printed for you to have a hard copy.
If you still are not convinced, read the following


"I called many of the companies the first day I received my training guide. It was unbelievable, I made contact with every phone number listed. Your information provided me with what to say and I had Mail Boxes Etc fax my resumes to all of them right away. Your Resume Samples made it very easy for me to do. When I called them I just used the words in the resume as my introduction. They were so nice to me and were eager to get my resume." EMMA S. Lake Placid, FL.

"Many thanks for your information and training. After trying so many work-at-home schemes, I was excited that this is a legitimate work-at-home opportunity." JOHN D. Charlotte, NC

"This is the "light at the end of the tunnel". I FINALLY, found something that works and is legitimate information. I couldn't believe it. Your information and guide was right on the target. I drove by some properties; filled in their forms they sent to me and sent them back. I received my first check about 10 days later. I am so excited about this business. I am continuing my education with some of the offers available on the internet." RUSTY C. Macon, GA

"I followed your information training guide and it worked. Not long after, I was contacted and given an assignment to do a drive-by on a property. I provided them with important information because the property had been abandoned. They were so pleased with me because of my fast turn around time on the evaluation inspection they are now calling me more often. Your information is great! This keeps me busy and making more money then I imagined. I have no problem filling in the simple forms they send to me. They have told me they will be giving me more work because I do the service and send it back to them fast." KELLY K. Dallas, TX

"My kids come with me when I do many of the inspections. It only takes a few minutes and I rarely have to get out of my van. The kids color and have fun while I am making money. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't ordered How To Be a Field Representative Information and Training Guide. I am just happy that it was genuine like you advertised. Our Family now has the extra money we needed for the kids to have their music lessons and we are even able to put away a little for savings." LOIS L. WPB, FL

"I am very satisfied with the work-at-home information you provided in this training guide I ordered from you. There is no reason for anyone with no experience not to find work from your teachings and listings of companies with their addresses and phone numbers. I was skeptical because so much out there is just a gimmick, but this is for real and it works. Anyone needing a part-time or full-time income should be very thrilled with your information." WENDY W. Dayton, OH

"Lucky me that I found your information. I have been working and getting busy with more clients. I ordered you training info about 2 months ago and I am making enough money to quit my other job. I did one inspection and after that the company sent me more than I could handle. I called a friend to help and now we are both doing property inspections, drive-by's and contact interviews. I also contacted a company out west that is starting to send me many more assignments. You were right, this business keeps a person very busy. I think it's great and I like the money too. JANE P. Roswell, GA

"My wife and I are retired and I was looking for a way to supplement our income. We found the perfect job in your guide. It it a truly wonderful profession. In fact, I have started working more than part-time because the money is excellent. I request assignments approximately 50 to 75 miles away from my home and my wife and I travel taking in the site seeing, eating dinner at new places all the while we make extra income while enjoying ourselves." BARRY F. Gainesville, FL


What is the Field Service Representative Inspections Business?
Field Service Representative Guide Lines and Startup
What Type of Field Service Inspections Are There?
Field Service Pricing List
Credit Card


Gaining Some Experience
Internet Field Service Representative Websites
Sample Resumes
Field Service Companies Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers
A Future in the Field Service Representative  Inspection Business
Employment & Jobs
Step By Step Guide
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THIS GUIDE will teach you all of the details and inside information to start immediately in becoming a Field Representative for some of the best known companies


Learn WHAT THE FIELD SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE INSPECTION BUSINESS IS in Chapter One. You get the details on what a Field Service Representative does. There is a saying: 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' Therfore, we provide information on what you will be doing as a Field Service Representative. Once you can picture the job you will perform, it is much easier to understand the Field Service Inspections Industry.

In Chapter Two you learn the Field Service Representative GuideLines & Startup. These are requirements and equipment to begin your new home-based business or self-employment. Most likely, you have all the items and equipment necessary to start immediately with low startup costs.

Chapter Three teaches you What Type Of Field Service Inspections... This Guide covers many of 'the inspection reports' and 'inspection fill-in forms' in the industry. We provide a variety of reports and forms. These will be the types that you most likely begin using.

The next Chapters provide details on information and documentation you will use on your drive-by's, inspections or interviews. The Abbreviations in Chapter Four, Field Service Pricing List in Chapter Five and the sample Forms in Chapter Six are the heart of the Field Service Representative Inspection Business. Review these chapters and study them. You will gain a great deal of knowledge and expertise, and be ready to start working immediately.

In Chapter Seven you will be Gaining Some Experience. Chapter Eight provides many links to Internet Field Service Representative Websites. Chapter Nine provides Sample Resumes you will use to contact well known companies who desperately need your services. Most Field Representatives receive many more assignments then they can complete.

NOW YOU ARE READY TO CONTACT THE COMPANIES and Chapter Ten provides the Field Service Companies Names, Addresses and Phone Numbers.

Chapter Eleven discusses your Future in the Field Service Representative Inspection Business. Many areas of continuing education exist for you to pursue, if you desire.

Chapter Twelve provides more names of companies and contacts who have Employment & Job Opportunities. Many are with 'No Experience Required'. Chapter Thirteen is for your Review and Chapter Fourteen is for updates.



Contact me with any additional questions you may have regarding this product or industry.
I look forward to your interest or concerns.
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 All Rights Reserved.




Q: Do I need experience?
A:  No! You do not require experience to begin a career in the Field Inspection Industry. Over time you will learn a great deal. And, you will gain all the experience you need to earn high profits. Most Inspectors will accept more commercial inspections as the rate of pay is much higher.
Q:  How much does it cost to begin this career?
A:  The start-up costs can be almost nothing in any initial upfront expenses. It will depend on your decision on what equipment you want to work with. Most equipment is usually what you own already, so start-up expenses are very limited.
Q:  What is a Field Representative and what is it, exactly, that they do?
A:  These questions are the reason I wrote this 'HOW TO BE A FIELD SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE INFORMATION AND TRAINING GUIDE'. Most other 'Training Manuals' and 'How To Guides' sold on this same subject, were available as hard copy books and Instructional Education. The cost to purchase training information in those type formats start at $49.95 and above.
I wrote and created an inexpensive eBook format to keep the costs down for those who wished to purchase the informational training guide. Documenting 'What a Field Representative is and does' is  too much information to answer in a simple paragraph. It takes a quality researched and factual account of the position. This is what I have documented and you will learn throughout this Training Guide.
Q:  How can you be sure they need contractors in my area?
A:  There is always a need for Field Inspector Reps in all areas. It does not take on a specific area or region. Where ever there is a house, a car, a business, and other type property , there will be a need for  Field Inspectors. Insurance and Mortgage Companies, Financial Institutions and other type Auditing Firms are always searching for the right person to inspect their properties. Quite frankly, the need for responsible and trustworthy individuals are the key factor.
Q:  How long will it take me to begin working?
A:  Naturally, it will depend on your efforts. If you and have no experience, read and study this 'Field Rep Training Ebook Guide', follow the instructions and send out your resumes in addition to contacting a few of the companies by phone; you should have an assignment within 15 to 20 days after any or all of the above mentioned is acted upon.
It is impossible for me to guarantee when you will have an assignment. This is up to you. I can only provide the means and promised legitimate companies who offer assignments to contractors and businesses.
Q:  How much can I expect to earn?
A:  The potential earnings is much greater after you have been receiving assignments and retuned the forms or replied via the internet. You could begin with a few assignments that pay you up to $30 plus reimbursements. When you accept and follow-through with assignments, the company will in most cases provide you with more work than you are able to complete by your self.  It is not an unreasonable fact that you could be earning hundreds of dollars per week very quickly.  It will depend on your acceptance of assignments.
Many who work in this industry full-time exceed $65K+ per year and there are others who pursue continued education to earn above $100K+ per year. Generally, you can achieve an income of $40K+ working part-time. Even working part-time and continuing your knowledge, education and certifications can earn you a great income of $150K+.
Q:  Do I have to be a Computer Expert?
A:  No. Many of the more successful companies who are looking for responsible contractors will require you fill-out your information online. They provide the means and easy instructions to complete your assignments online. This is a benefit to you as these type of assignments pay higher rates.
Q:  Are there companies that do not require computer and online interaction?
A:  Yes, there are many companies that accept fill-in forms and photos returned by regular mail, facsimile, reputable courier, etc..

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You get the details on what a Field Service Representative does. I provide information on what you will be doing as a Field Service Representative.

Learn the Field Service Representative GuideLines & Startup. Most likely, you have all the items and equipment necessary to start immediately with low startup costs.

What Type Of Field Service Inspections Are There?. This EBOOK Guide covers many of 'the inspection reports' and 'inspection fill-in' forms in the industry. I provide a variety of reports and forms.

LEARN INSIDE DETAILS on information and documentation you will use on your drive-by's, inspections or interviews. The Abbreviations, Field Service Pricing List and the sample Forms in are the heart of the Field Service Representative Inspection Business. You will gain much knowledge and expertise and be ready to start working immediately!

Gaining Some Experience. You are provided many links to Internet Field Service Representative Websites. Also Sample Resumes you will use to contact well known companies who desperately need your services. Most Field Representatives receive many more assignments then they can complete! This is the reason for a such a great need of representatives in local areas.

You will learn what a Bright Future a Field Service Representative Inspector has available in the Inspection Business . There are many areas of continuing education that exist for you to pursue, if you desire.

The closing chapters provide more names of companies and contacts who have Employment & Job Opportunities. Many are with 'No Experience Required'. You can Review your completed learning of all the chapters in the 12th Chapter.

You will always be able to contact me, belong to groups and contact mentors including professionals in this industry who will assist you in your future success as a FIELD REP

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It would cost a company too much time and money to hire all of the employees needed to work for them to perform inspections all over the country. Thus, they rely on local independent representatives to perform their field service property, equipment or collateral inspections. Insurance, Mortgage, Financial, Merchant Business, Equipment and more companies of this type desperately need reliable and trustworthy self-employed contractors that they can send on assignments in your area or any areas of your choice to inspect their properties.

This is a self-employment and or a professional business opportunity that you can start immediately.


If you know the information required, steps to get started and what companies to contact, you can perform such assignments as those few listed below:

A list of just a few types of inspections:

Real Estate Drive By Property

Mobile home




Health club



Pension fund

Credit card

These are very simple assignments to do and easy fill-in-forms are provided for reporting the information to the companies. These inspections are not complex or complicated at all. The company supplies all the required questions and or suggested comments for you to write back to them. They give you all the information you are required to report on. This will make your inspections reporting very successful as well as easy. Naturally, if you have any questions, you will be able to ask. Working with the companies is not at all a detached reality. In many cases, you will be able to speak with one person regularly and you both will get to know each other very well.

Think of the pleasure they will enjoy in knowing you are assisting them to complete their job because you are reliable and trustworthy.

Remember you need to have the right information to get started and be successful.

My information training ebook guide provides all the information you need to start working immediately. After reading the information and following the instructions, you are able to complete your assignments and work as a self-employed Field Service Representative or as an independent contractor Field Service Representative in your own home-based business.

It might be stated as the business that self-employed, independent contractors and or businesses provide on-site or drive-by inspections for companies or lenders who require verification and or inspections on their property, equipment or collateral.

The above definition can sound vague and cumbersome, even though it is not! The reason this Guide discusses the Field Service Representative first is because in knowing what jobs, tasks, and assignments a Field Service Representative might do, also, describes the Field Service Representative Industry completely.

A picture is definitely worth a thousand words, for sure. Picture the assignments and tasks of a Field Service Representative and you will understand the Industry completely and thoroughly.

You might also say that the Field Service Representative Business and Industry is the ability for an independent field representative to assist companies such as lenders, insurance companies, financial services, credit card companies, and more to verify and report information about their property, equipment and or collateral across the United States and sometimes all over the world.

Again, trying to define what the Field Service Representative Industry is best described only by picturing what the Field Service Representative does!

Whether you decide to work as a self-employed contractor or as a home-based business or even deciding to start a business in a location other than your own home will be a choice you make.

No matter what you choose as your starting point, you will be viewed as an extension of the company where you provide your services. You will always be required to act as a professional who is reliable, honest and completes the assignments as expected.

Now that you have this Introduction behind you, it is time to move on to the next set of steps and purchase the information Guide, "How To Be A Field Service Representative Information and Training Guide" eBook.


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